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Past Presidents

JYDA Past Presidents

As a volunteer-led organization, JYDA is indebted to our past leadership for the countless hours of leadership they provided in order to see our organization find success. They were led by the following Past Presidents:

Name Term
Jerrold Leeson 1971-1973
Mike Bunder 1973-1975
Aaron L. Kischel 1975-1977
Louis N. Garber, z”l 1977-1979
Bruce F. Greenfield, z”l 1979-1981
Harry J. Silverman 1981-1983
Jules A. Gutin 1983-1985
Edward A. Edelstein 1985-1987
Robbie Russock 1987-1989
Richard S. Moline 1989-1991
Merrill Alpert 1991-1993
Barry Magen 1993-1995
Michelle Rich 1995-1997
Shelly Gordon 1997-1999
Billy Planer 1999-2001
Lisa Alter Krule 2001-2003
Marcus Fink 2003-2005
Yossi Garr 2005-2007
Jason Cathcart 2007-2009
Stephanie Nichol 2009-2013
Julie Marder 2013-2015
Aviva Tilles 2015-2017
Samantha Isenstein 2017-2019
Marc Jacobs 2019-2021